Why do you must watch Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan #ANIME

In recent weeks, I see an AOTS (Anime of the Season) ranking list in Anime Trending (one of the most popular Anime-Ranking list platform). Well, first I must say, Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan is my AOTS for last season (you can click here to see my top 5 list), but the problem is I don’t see Saiki in top list from Anime Trending, but finally with a little effort I can see Saiki in 20th place. 20th place!? Really!? I won’t blame who vote but I’m pretty sure this series is very very underrated in this community.

The main purpose I make this post is to tell you guys why you must watch Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan, not force you to change your opinion about AOTS for last season, because I’m pretty sure the reason why this community doesn’t rate Saiki is because they don’t watch it, not because they think this series is shit.

So, let’s get into the main point

1. The most consistent comedy-series I’ve ever watched


  • You know Gintama? Arguably the most popular comedy-series. I’m also a big fan of Gintama, and I really have fun, laughing hard when watching it, but you know, it’s not exactly everytime I can have that fun. Sometimes the comedy seems so boring, and not consistent at all, but Saiki is different. I don’t remember if there’s a boring episode from Saiki, all of the episodes are enjoyable.

          One example of comedy-scene in Saiki :


  • It can be your eating-best friend easily (It can’t happen with Gintama because most of the jokes is all about sh*t and d*ck)


2. If you don’t get what you’re looking for from a comedy series (have fun while laughing) until now, this series will give you a new perspective


  • That is what exactly I feel when I found Saiki (can’t explain it very well, but you will understand when start watching it). You know, I don’t really like comedy series because I rarely laugh when watching it (for example, I don’t have fun watching Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, which is a really popular comedy-series), but it’s different with Saiki. What I can say is, Saiki was made to give people like me (who doesn’t enjoy comedy that much) a different perspective about comedy-series. Also, shoutout to all of Saiki’s voice actor to make all of this possible (how they speak is one of the most important factors why Saiki is very very enjoyable)

  • For you who don’t get laugh easily by a generic comedy-attempt (like straight guy who correct the stupidity from other characters) and made you never touch comedy-series (because your mind say all of comedy series is suck), ignore about it for a while, and give your time a bit to give this series a try, you will get what you’re looking for from comedy-series


3. It can be used like ‘healing potion’ after watched some heavy-drama series


  • In recent weeks I saw ‘Ichigo is bitch’ (from Darling in the FranXX) posts everywhere and I always feel hate in those posts. Nah, I don’t really give a fuck about those haters, but you know, after watched that episode, I also somehow feel bad (I don’t know what to call this feel, but it feels like when you’re in badmood-mode). After that, I try to catch up until the latest Saiki’s episode. The result? I’m completely don’t care anymore about what happened in Darling in the FranXX

  • Also can be used if you want to make your mood better


4. You will get to see someone who is stronger than Saitama (One-Punch Man)


  • Just a bonus, people really like comparing Saitama (from One Punch Man) with Goku (from Dragon Ball), Saitama is a gag-character that shouldn’t compared with Goku, Saiki is a better choice if people really want to make comparison (Saiki is also a gag-character). Saiki is like a god in this series, can change people mind, instant teleportation, has unbelieveable power and he can control the world easily. So not comparable to Saitama, end of thread.

  • Just kidding. What I want to say is, don’t compare any gag-character to find out who’s stronger, because gag-character never lose with those comparisons.


I hope Saiki will give you guys the same happiness like when I’m watching it.

Thanks for reading^^

2 thoughts on “Why do you must watch Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan #ANIME

  1. I saw a trailer for this show a couple times at Sakuracon and it looked pretty good. Definitely going to have to find time for this one in the future!

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