About Author

Welcome to my site, I’m someone who like Anime-Manga, Football, Trading Card Game, and a little bit of Console Game (Mostly I played FIFA, but sometimes play JRPG (Persona, and Digimon series).

I love to share and write about what I like, and I need the place for me to rant about my hobbies, so that’s why this site isn’t only about anime, but about what I like during the time I write it. That’s the reason why I made this site.

Name :
–  Iki

Pen name :
– Nezo Ravizen / katekyoushi

Like :
– Watch anime, read manga, playing trading card game (YGO), jogging, playing futsal, playing games (especially the console one), and writing

Anime fav :
– Bakuman
– Hunter X Hunter
– Shingeki no Kyojin

Manga fav :
– One Piece
– Eyeshield 21
– Death Note

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