Bakuman! #LiveAction


Review from me :

Bakuman is one of my most favorite anime of all time. I have high expectation for this film, REALLY high expectation but now it becomes disappointment. I understand it’s impossible to make 75 episodes Anime into only 2-hours movie, but I think the producer can make it better than this, there’s no excitement feeling at all in this film, very opposite with anime which is full of excitement in every episode! So, I will make a list of + and – from this film :

  • You can see Shonen Jump’s office in real life (even though you can just google it), and see how people make a manga (this too!)
  • At least it has the background story of Bakuman

  • Pace is too fast, there’s no character development at all, Mashiro & Takagi become best friend without process, Ashirogi (Mashiro, Takagi) discuss with others which are Fukuda, Hiramaru, and Nakai like they’re already friends. YES, without process at all (or only with 1 scene)
  • Change of story, the most exciting scene in last minute of episode 1 from anime, is kinda boring in this film, they change the place of scene, the atmosphere of the scene isn’t exciting anymore
  • Azuki’s actress isn’t fit with Heroine position, she has an antagonist face (sorry Ms.)
  • Nizuma Eiji in here is really sucks and annoying as hell
  • Hattori isn’t cool at all, he’s too plain, maybe like a figure character
  • Hiramaru should be the most interesting in this series, but he’s not in this film
  • Too many important characters isn’t here (Miyoshi, Iwase, Aoi, Assistants, etc)
  • Ending is sucks, it’s like no ending at all
  • No PCP No Party

Overall Score : 4/10

Everyone who watch it without read manga or watch anime first is hard to understand the characteristics of each character, even if they do, they will find most of character in this series is boring and not interesting. But honestly, I’m also happy because I can watch Bakuman again.