Duel Links [Guide] – How to live as a Competitive and Free to Play player at the same time #DuelLinks #Yu-Gi-Oh!

Before we go into the post, I have to say something first. My english-writing is bad firstly because english isn’t my first language, and most of times I only learned english from books, games, and internet but I will try my best to avoid mistakes as much as I can so you guys can enjoy reading this post.

Duel Links


Today, I will discuss about one of my favorite mobile game, Duel Links.

In recent weeks, I see a lot of F2P (Free to play) players felt unfair since Silent Magician [Structure Deck] was released and the popular hastags #IWantMyGems becomes a thing. With this post, I want try to help the players who thinks it’s hard to live as F2P player to play competitive, and hopefully it can change your mindset.

From the first time I’ve been playing Duel Links, maybe I’m the only one who feel grateful to Konami with how gems works in this game. In almost every online games, there’s always two kind of currency to buy item and stuff, one is you can get it from the game itself, and the other one is you only can get it with real money. In Duel Links, we’re blessed, because there’s only one currency in this game (honestly there’s two, but who cares about gold), and you can get it either from the game itself or using your money. It seems simple but this is a very rare case, and gladly it’s a good one. Sadly, it’s the fact only before Silent Magician was arrived not too long time ago.

However, we also can’t blame Konami for releasing this kind of premium items, a game company surely will always find a way to get the money from their customers, moreover if the game is a huge success. But, let’s see it from the positive side, Silent Magician isn’t really used in meta right now (Meta is Fur Hire, Amazoness, and Masked HEROes), so there’s no reason to upset about it. You play to win, so if Konami’s act doesn’t bother your way to win, that’s not a problem, isn’t it? There’s nothing to complain about, at least for now. Instead of complaining, let’s thanks Konami for their generosity to make a free (Amazoness) and cheap (Fur Hire) meta deck. A reminder for you guys who doesn’t know the nightmare IRL (In real life) duelist always has, you need at least $1000 (in total) to buy competitive-staple cards to compete for highest level. That’s why I said we are blessed in this game.

What it means to be a competitive player ? Competitive is an attitude for someone who always want to win, which mean you will always want to compete in highest level. In other words, you’ll have to play meta decks which is the best way to do that.

To play as a competitive and F2P (Free to Play) player at the same time, you need to spend your gems wisely because gems for F2P player is limited. Spend wisely means you must only focus to buy cards only for competitive purpose (materials for meta deck and important staple cards). And, you need to learn how to tell the differences between a good card and a bad card, or a card that you should buy and a card that you shouldn’t buy. The point is, you must know what you need to have.

To do that, you must have a lot of knowledges from Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. It takes a lot of times and experiences, so if you’re in doubt or still can’t tell which card you should buy, you can visit this site for references.

Now, let’s get into the main topic. I will tell you how I spend my gems, which I believe the best way to use your gems wisely, especially if you’re a F2P player.


How to spend your gems wisely

1. [Main Box-Guide] Don’t buy any pack in Main Box to only find 1 UR/SR card

  • Go blindly into Main Box only to find 1 card isn’t the best way to use your gems, especially an UR card. The percentage is very small and can used up to your 10.000 gems in worst scenario, so it’s much better idea if you avoid it. As much as I remembered, there’s no card in this game is that important for you to go blindly into the Main Box just to find 1 particular card.
  • There’s also a special set named Selection Box which contains a bunch of important UR/SR cards in the previous set. Basically it’s the reprint of many useful cards. Instead of blindly spend gems for only 1 card, it’s wiser to wait for this special set.


2. [Main Box-Guide] Spend in Main Box if you got two or three purpose in mind

  • If you want to spend gems in Main Box, always prepare two or three useful goals why you should spend in that set. It can be for farming deck materials, potential and important staple cards, or make a new meta deck. Just don’t spend it with only 1 purpose in mind.
  • For example is, Valiant Souls. You can find important pieces for Masked HEROes and Geargia deck, many staple-cards like Paleozoic Canadia, Needle Ceiling, Double Cyclone, and a lot of useful and potential cards like Vision Hero Witch Raider, Fusion Reserve, and Dark World Dealings.


3. [Mini Box-Guide] Always give your full attention to Mini Box.

  • Mini Box is our treasure, our destined holy place to spend gems, the reason is solely because of the percentage to get the card you want is higher than in the Main Box.
  • Things you need to make sure to spend gems in Mini Box is, either the set has meta-deck materials or two or three important staples. If one of those requirements is fulfilled, it’s time to spend, otherwise, don’t spend your valuable limited gems.


4. [Gems-Guide] Never buy any pack to build a deck for fun.

  • This is the most important thing what you need to learn to survive as a F2P player. It’s a bad habit from every F2P-player, can’t hold their hunger to open a pack for fun. I’ve got nothing to say other than you must hold back your desires because open a pack for fun is a luxury we can’t have as a F2P-player, remember where are you come from, bro.


The conclusion is, if you want to remain as a competitive player and doesn’t want to spend any money, know what cards you should have, avoid any set that doesn’t contains competitive-purpose cards, and always remember you don’t have the luxury to open any pack for fun, just keep that in mind and you’ll be alright.


So, if you already done my methods above, you will have a rich-people’s problem which is having too much gems (because there will be always one or two set to skip per format). There’s must be a reason why Konami set a limiter for every player’s gems, and for me it’s to force their players to spend gems blindly if their gems is already maxed out. Then, when you need gems in crucial time (for example, to find particular cards you need for tournament), and 9999 gems isn’t enough, you will be forced to pay it with your money. I think this is their main goal.

But, I found a little trick to avoid this problem (I’ve been doing this for a while now).

Trick how to save gems if your gems is already maxed out (9999)

1. Level-up your Legendary Duelist until level 27, and don’t let it level up until the last exp you need, here’s an example

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 3.35.07 PM

2. Do this to your every Legendary Duelist who still isn’t level 27 yet.

Here’s some examples some of my saved gems.


3. Then, with 1 or 2 duels, you will get to withdraw your gems immediately if you need it.

I bet most of players who love to save gems know this method, but for F2P player who like to open packs for fun, let alone know this method, they won’t even have this luxurious problem.

The real purpose of this trick is so we can be ready anytime if we have to spend gems for any purpose, without having to spend money. Also it can be used to avoid any useless set, so we don’t have to be forced to spend our gems if already maxed out, and keeping it for something useful in the future. Think it as your warehouse.

Little tips : Keep your ‘9999 gems slot’ solely for ‘gems from event’ as much as you can, and if you don’t have enough gems to buy packs, withdraw it by leveled up your legendary duelist (like the method above).

Note :

  • If you already withdraw gems from level 27 and want to save up your gems again, you can do the same to level 28.
  • Basically, it doesn’t have to be exact level 27, you can do it from whatever level you want, as long as the prize for level up is gems.
  • This method is only applies to gems from Legendary Duelist.
  • Don’t spend more than you need, always remember this.

I’m not sharing this method without a prove and result. From doing my methods above, now I have all of Tier 1 decks (Fur Hire, Amazoness, and Masked HEROes), some good old decks (RE Zombie, Gladiator Beast, Sylvan, and Spellbooks) and other good stuff while still having 9999 gems and some saved gems in the bag (Ignore about my deck’s compositition, I just put some of them randomly just to screenshot it).

Once again, if you can put your focus only for competitive purpose, gems that we get for free from Konami is more than enough.





Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 5.58.06 PM

I just realized I’m still on stage 43, and it’s kinda embrassing. For your information, I’m a kind-of laziest player in this game. I never farm a card despite having a farming deck, because the only non-auto duel that motivate me is PvP and gems-event. Should’ve fix this bad habit, and don’t try this at home.

Closing :

The real purpose I made this post is to show everyone you can live as a competitive player and F2P player at the same time, not to tell you to not spend any money in this game. If you have money and decide to spend it, it’s better because you will have easier time.

I just somehow feel weird when people said Konami is not giving us enough free gems, when the fact is, it’s mostly the player’s fault who spend it blindly.

Somewhere in my heart, I strongly feel this game will be like another shitty P2W Konami YGO games and will fail again at some point, but I was wrong.

Duel Links World Championship, that’s the prove Duel Links is a huge success. Konami is brave enough to make a World Championship for Duel Links, which means they see a lot of potential in this game. As a duelist, I always happy for everything good that happened to the game I love.

Hope this post will get good feedbacks which can motivate me to post another useful stuff for Duel Links in the future! Thanks for reading ^^







The reason why Pure Zoodiac has better performance than True Draco Zoodiac and Kaiju Zoodiac in higher-scale tournament #Yu-Gi-Oh!

So, it’s my first post to discuss about Yu-Gi-Oh! meta-game stuff. Meta-game means the competitive-level of the game, the highest-level competition of this game.

Zoodiac has been dominating the game since it was released, because of how really good the deck is, consistency, power, lock, Zoodiac has it all and that’s the reason why it’s the best deck. Since MACR released, Zoodiac has 3 popular variants, which are Pure, Kaiju and True Draco. Pure Zoodiac has the biggest number in mostly big-scale tournament (like YCS and WCQ) from Norden-format until now (Post-NordenBanned), and now I want to discuss why Pure Zoodiac has the biggest number in most tournament.

Pure Zoodiac

True Draco Zoodiac

Kaiju Zoodiac

The concept of Zoodiac-format is ‘don’t let your opponent play, even with only 1 play and don’t let your opponent make you can’t play’ you can see almost every people play 7+ Hand Traps, Four Solemn, and Triple D-Barrier right now, the reason ? It’s obviously to stop opponent from doing a play, because Zoodiac deck needs only 1 card to make a good board, so you must do everything you can to stop opponent from doing a play and to stop the card which let them open the play.


  • Maxx “C” to stop them completely or still play but let you gaining the advantage and momentum.
  • Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to stop something like Zoodiac Rat, Zoodiac Thoroughblade, Zoodiac Tigermortar, and Zoodiac Barrage.
  • Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring to stop Fire-Formation Tenki, Zoodiac Barrage.
  • Flying “C” to stop them completely to play if they don’t have something to play it around (Ex : Zoodiac Barrage, Forbidden Chalice, Dragonic Diagram).
  • Solemn Cards (esp. Warning, Strike, and Scolding) to stop their attempt to play.
  • Dimensional Barrier to shutting them down completely for the whole 1 turn.

You also must do everything to make some play in your turn, that’s why people starting to main-decking many board-wipes, Shuffle Reborn & Soul Charge, My Body as a Shield, and also Enemy Controller


  • Raigeki and Dark Hole to clear the board (esp. for Zoodiac Drident)
  • Shuffle Reborn and Soul Charge to make more option to your play, because most times Normal Summon Zoo monster and Zoodiac Barrage isn’t enough if you’re going second.
  • My Body as a Shield to protect your monster from Zoodiac Drident and board-wipe like Raigeki and Dark Hole.
  • Enemy Controller to bait your opponent’s Drident and take theirs to make some play.

So you need to use all of these card above to support your play. But, in True Draco and Kaiju variants, these card’s slot will be used by their engine, that’s why people decide to just focus with Zoodiac’s play instead of sacrifice the slot to make the bigger plays, because if you can play with your Zoodiac card, you already ahead in the game.

and now I will tell you why True Draco and Kaiju ones variants is inferior to the pure one~

True Draco Zoodiac,

  • Need 2 cards to start their Draco-Engine or Zephyros-engine with RaidRaptors Force Strix to make engine start which can be disturbed easily by hand-traps.
  • Draco-cards make the deck less-consistent than the Pure one because when you draw it without Dragonic Diagram, it’s useless. Dragonic Diagram is the only Draco-cards you only want to draw.
  • If you have to draw Draco-cards, sometime it’s better for you to just have disturbing-card (Ex : hand-traps, and trap-cards) or protector-card (Ex : My body as a shield, and backrow-removal) because you need two-cards to make Draco-Engine start (2 Diagram, or Diagram & 1 Draco-cards).

Kaiju Zoodiac,

  • Kaiju doesn’t stop your opponent’s play, and it’s not that good unless you get MasterPeace to get rid of.
  • Slumber can negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring that make Dark Hole is a safer card.
  • When you give your opponent the Kaiju, you always get rid of them by activating Zoodiac Drident’s effect, but it’s not effective anymore because sometimes you need to use Drident’s effect to destroy Zoodiac Ram Ram to make Daigusto Emeral.

Pure Zoodiac doesn’t have the problems above which is safer to run for higher-scale tournament.

But, that’s just the reason why these 2 variants is inferior to the Pure one. There’s also some good reason why True Draco and Kaiju variant is a better choice, but maybe in different meta.

True Draco Zoodiac is better if the tournament that you’re going to attend has various meta (not Zoo-oriented) because most deck will have hard time facing MasterPeace.

Kaiju Zoodiac is better if the meta is True Draco Demise or True Draco variants, because you can easily get rid of MasterPeace with Kaiju.

So, in the end, it depends on meta in the tournament that you’re going to attend, but most higher-scale tournament will play Zoodiac because it’s the safest choice if you want to win, it’s the most consistent deck between these 3 variants. Consistency is the key to win the whole tournament.

This is just my personal opinion honestly, I’m just a no-name player who like this game, so maybe my opinion doesn’t mean a lot even though I still want to share it and know what people think about my point of view.

I would love to see other people’s point of view in this meta-game, so if you feel like it, comment your thoughts, thanks!



Grand Tournament Palembang Report (July 17th, 2016) #Yu-Gi-Oh!




Deck : Burning Abyss

Rank : 1st place

Round 1 VS Yosenju (Iqbal) OO

  • 1st, I make Beatrice and set 1 backrow. My opponent summon Yosenju monster, activate it’s effect and I chain it with Breakthrough Skill, next turn I make double Dante, use Farfa’s effect to banish his monster,  and atk with Beatrice + Double Dante + Barbar’s effect.
  • 2nd, he set 4 backrows I believe. My turn, special summon Farfa from hand, and normal summon Cir, he chain it with Torrential Tribute, I get Cir’s effect, special summon Farfa. I want to special summon Alich from my hand but he chain it with Vanity’s Emptiness, after that, I use Twin Twister to destroy his 2 other backrow and his Vanity’s Emptiness got destroyed by it’s own effect. I set 1 card before the end of my turn. Next turn, he summon Yosenju monster, activate it’s effect and I chain it with Breakthrough Skill again. My turn, like game 1, I make triple Dante and use Farfa’s effect to banish his monster and atk with 3 Dante + Barbar’s effect.

Round 2 VS Hafiz (RaidRaptor) OO

  • 1st, what I remember is Beatrice disturb his play, and I win from there.
  • 2nd, he make double RaidRaptor Force-Strix. My turn, I use Dark Hole, and I win because of double Beatrice + Solemn Scolding.

Round 3 VS Andre (Domain Monarch) XOO

  • 2nd, he lock me with Majesty Fiend + Domain and I don’t have an out.
  • 1st, I make Beatrice and set 1 card, and what I remember is just disturb his play with Beatrice + Twin Twister.
  • 2nd, he brick.

Round 4 VS Fauzan (Majespecter Performapal Dracoslayer) OO

  • 1st, what I remember is he get a bad opening hand.
  • 2nd, we decide to not using side deck. I won after using Solemn Scolding for his 3 monsters.

TOP 8 VS Andre (Domain Monarch) OO

  • 2nd, he special summon Mithra and use Domain to reduce his Caius Mega’s level, and tribute Mithra to summon Caius Mega and banish token (from Mithra) in my field. My turn, I use Twin Twister to destroy Domain and discard Farfa to banish his monster, special summon Speedroid Terrortop and ended up with triple Dante, atk with triple Dante + Barbar’s effect.
  • 2nd, he summon Edea and I chain it with Effect Veiler, I win from there.

TOP 4 VS Ali (Burning Abyss) OO

  • 2nd, he special summon Dante with some backrow. My turn I special summon BA monster, he chain it with Maxx C, I summon Fiendish Rhino Warrior, he activate Effect Veiler to my Fiendish Rhino to get my BA monster destroyed. Next turn, he still can’t make Beatrice, and in my turn, I make Beatrice and win from there.
  • 2nd, he special summon BA, I chain it with Maxx C, and he ended up with Dante + 3 backrow. I win with Enemy Controller and Farfa to clear his field and OTK from there.

Final VS Fauzan (Majespecter Performapal Dracoslayer) OO

  • 1st, I open with Dante and 3 backrow (2 Twin Twister, 1 Breakthrough Skill). My opponent use Eccentrick Archfiend to destroy my Twin Twister, and he set 2-scale, but I destroy it with my another Twin Twister and win from there.
  • 2nd, he summon Majespecter Fox and set 4 backrow. My turn, I open some play and he use Majespecter Tornado to disturb my play and tribute his Fox. What I remember, in the last, I have 1 Super Quantal Grampulse and double atk-position Dante, and my opponent has 1 Master Dracoslayer, 1 Lector Dracoverlord with Light-Imprisoning Mirror, he special summon Majester with that 2 monster, activate it’s effect, but I chain it with Effect Veiler, and win from there.

From that day, Burning Abyss is officially become one of my most favorite deck along with Lightsworn Ruler.



Decklist :

3 4 5