Clannad After Story – Forever a Masterpiece


Clannad, what do you know about Clannad? Clannad is known as a series that has an ability to make their watcher cry like a baby. At first sight, I thought it’s just an overreact from community. I have a strong confidence with myself, the confidence that I won’t drop a single of tears when it comes to watching an anime, a fiction story to be exact. I’m starting to watch Clannad because I want to tell people to stop overreacting every single thing.

Clannad (first season) is a great drama series, but that’s all. I’ve lost some interest to continue it because I feel I’m not wrong with my first hypotesis, people just love to overreact something. But at the end, I still continue to After Story, just in case.

Now I got into After Story, the story starts really well and there’s so many happy family moments here and there. Every episode can warm your heart, and calm your mind. Almost half of the series has passed and finally I can feel some heavy atmosphere, and it feels heavier when each episode has passed. Lastly, I got to see the infamous scenes that has the strongest affect to the story. Things got drastically changed after this.

My tears just flowing out naturally, my confidence are gone immediately. I ask to myself  “What will I do if this is happened to me?” even though it’s only a little drop, the tears just came out. I keep thinking from the main character’s perspective to got the fullest experience throughout the story, it’s very hurt but it’s worth it. I don’t have any relate story with Clannad from my life, but if you’ve something similar happened to your life, you will get a 10x better experience. Clannad will make you see your life from much bigger picture.

This is what happened when the first time I watched Clannad After Story, it was 7-8 years ago.

7-8 years later

Like some months ago, I don’t know why but I just feel like wanting to watch Clannad After Story again. I also think I’ve already grown up enough to handle emotional story like this. I’ve already watched series like AnoHana, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and Angel Beats, also Makoto Shinkai’s movies like Your Name, Garden of the Words, Byousoku 5cm. That’s some pretty good line-up to have a big confidence. I feel like I’m ready to go, and finally decide to watch it again for the second time. There’s no way the result will be same as the first time.

Man, I just don’t learn a single thing about what happened back then. I just can’t believe it, the tears is just naturally comes out once again. To think I can used to those scenes is very arrogant from me. When I know what I will face in the next minutes, it just feel horror, a mix of scary and sad feelings. But, since I already know the ending and theory behind it, it help me to calm a bit. I have a better experience watching Clannad in my second time since I have a better understanding of the story, everything is just solved like a puzzle.

At the end of the day, I’m only a normal human, and Clannad is just special.

Unlike 7-8 years ago, I give more attention to detail things like music, transition, animation, and how the director managed this project perfectly. First, I have to mention the music. The music is one of the biggest reason why Clannad can made people cry, because it’s just perfectly fit with the scenes, and the timing is just brilliant, no other word can describe it better than perfect. The animation, scenes, and transition are also seems very smooth, Kyoto Animation just made their best work in Clannad, a big shoutout to all of the staff, and praise to the director, Tatsuya Ishihara.

From that day, I saw Clannad as one of the most special anime I’ve ever watched, a masterpiece in my book. It’s not because of the story can make my tears came out, it’s just everything about Clannad is very special.

Clannad isn’t supposed to be handled, but you’re supposed to feel it without being held back. Don’t take it as a challange, just let your heart feel it directly, and you will have a phenomenal experience.


3 thoughts on “Clannad After Story – Forever a Masterpiece

  1. You’re goddamn right it is.

    Still number one anime of all time. For my graduation’s pictorial shoot,I bought dangos for my creative shot. Clannad will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Thank you for giving me another reason to show my love of After Story,and great post!

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